Going Strong in Tassie for Over 25 Years

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Hydraulic Hose Strong in Tasmania

Strong in Tassie for over 25 years

Hobart-based 1800 HOSE VAN operator, Adrian Perry, is well known in Southern Tasmania, having successfully operated his own mobile hydraulic hose service and repair business for over 25 years.

Fifteen months ago though, Adrian was dealt a blow when his business partner passed away suddenly, leaving him to wind-up the business and look for other opportunities.

Having a good existing relationship with 1800 HOSE VAN’s parent company, HS Company, through use of its products in his previous business, the opportunity to join the HOSE VAN team was quickly taken, allowing Adrian to continue doing a job he loved.

“The transition from running my own business to becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN operator was very straight forward,” Adrian said.

“I was able to bring my customers across pretty seamlessly simply by setting up new accounts for them with 1800 HOSE VAN, and because I already had my van set-up I was back servicing these customers really quickly.

“There was minimal disruption to them and no loss of business at my end.” 

Adrian currently operates a single call-out van but also provides work to a second 1800 HOSE VAN operator in the area. To keep up with strong demand, a third operator will join the Southern Tassie team early in 2018.

“There’s a lot of work in our region and I can’t bear to knock it back so we’re building up the team here – once our third van is up and running we’ll be in a great position to even better service our fast-growing customer base,” he said.

According to Adrian, aside from his long-standing industry relationships, another main factor in the strong workflow he is enjoying, comes courtesy of the wide array of different industries that exist in the state.

“In Tasmania there’s a lot of variety in the type of work we do – it keeps things very interesting and fresh,” he said.

“We do work in logging, agricultural, construction and in the fishing industries, as well as OEM work for manufacturers including Komatsu and Kubota.

“On one job you could be dealing with a farmer whose tractor has broken down and on the next you could be chatting with the CEO of Kubota, if you like dealing with people and having customer interaction it’s fantastic.”

For people considering becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN licensed business operator, Adrian said the opportunities were very good and would recommend the company to anyone wanting to start a new career.

“1800 HOSE VAN is a really good business to be involved with,” Adrian said.


“You can make a great income by joining 1800 HOSE VAN and it’s not a huge investment to get started – once up and running you can make a really good living.

“Financial aspects aside, I just love dealing with the broad range of people that I meet and do work for, and of course I really enjoy helping them out and getting their equipment back to work.”

For your next hydraulic hose service or installation using Gates hydraulic hoses, call 1800 HOSE VAN on 1800 467 382, or visit www.1800HOSEVAN.com.au for more details.

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"Going Strong in Tassie for Over 25 Years"

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