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Regions Serviced by 1800 HOSE VAN


When the success of your business rests on hitting those client deadlines, you need the fastest and most effective hydraulic hose repair possible. 1800 HOSE VAN is proud to service a range of regions all over Australia.

You’ll find a 1800 HOSE VAN franchise in all major cities, such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth and Cairns. When you need emergency hydraulic hose repair and fittings, know that you can count on our team of experienced professionals.

Regions serviced by 1800 HOSE VAN

We’ve made it possible for you to be able to arrange a call out to wherever you are with our franchise opportunities. In every major state and region, we have partnered with leading businesses who have the skills and the personnel to get your equipment going.

Just a few of the areas we service include:
Gold Coast
Murray Bridge
Huon Valley
Southern Highlands

By all means, this list is not exhaustive. If you would like a complete list of all locations we service, please visit our locations page. In a hurry? You can call 1800 467 382 for your nearest 1800 HOSE VAN mobile hydraulic hose specialists.

Become your own boss with a franchisee

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? By partnering with 1800 HOSE VAN, it’s possible. We’re always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who are self-motivated and want to make a difference to their industry. When you team up with us, we ensure you’ll have all the support you need to provide the best hydraulic service to businesses in your area. View our franchise opportunities page on our website to find all the information you need to know.

What industries does 1800 HOSE VAN service?

In order to enhance their operations, there are a variety of industries that implement hydraulic hoses. Below is a list of industries that use and require hydraulic hose repairs, fittings, and installations:
Construction and demolition
Engineering and mining
Entertainment (such as theme parks and innovative filming technology)

Keeping in mind that we service a wide range of industries, it makes sense that we like to ensure these industries can easily get access to the service they need - wherever they are in Australia.

The mobile solution for emergency repairs and fittings

When visiting an in-person service centre just isn’t possible, whether due to an after hours breakdown or a regional job that’s too far from the nearest workshop, know that we can come to you. Our mobile service includes fully equipped vans with all the premium equipment you need to be up and running.

Don’t be threatened by a looming deadline on a job: call us 24/7 for around the clock service, and we’ll meet you wherever you are to get your parts repaired or maintained.

About 1800 HOSE VAN

With over seven decades of experience in providing hydraulic maintenance across Australia, we’re proud to be recognised as one of the country’s leading on-site hydraulic hose repair providers. No matter your industry, we have the expertise and equipment needed to meet your needs.

To book your service, refer to our contact form or call us directly on 1800 467 382 to find your nearest technician.

Our Top Tips for Managing a 24/7 Service Business

Our Top Tips for Managing a 24/7 Service Business

Any entrepreneur will tell you that running your own business is no easy feat. With a to-do list that never ends and a host of challenges to overcome daily, it’s easy to exhaust yourself. At 1800 HOSE VAN, we think constantly having your foot on the pedal is not beneficial to your mental health. That’s why we’ve developed 5 top tips for managing a 24/7 service business so you can better equip yourself with running a business without running yourself into the ground.

1. Ask yourself whether you need to operate around the clock

While there’s a lot of compelling economical reasons to run your business nonstop (such as improvements in customer service and increased capital investment, to name a few), there are certainly some negatives. Employee fatigue is a real concern, and as a result of this, increased errors in judgement may emerge as well as accidents, high staff turnover, absenteeism and health care costs. When calculating your hours of operation, it’s important to quantify the costs of major fatigue-related accidents compared to minor fatigue-induced errors - and then reduce your hours of operation accordingly.

2. Build a continuous operations culture

In a fixed shift environment, it can be difficult to create a unified culture that is committed to continuous operations. However, one way to achieve this is to create a well-defined corporate mission with standards and policies that must be uniformly applied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the start. The goal here is to retain employees who are loyal and committed to your business - and this can only be achieved when you make a sincere dedication to the safety of your entire workforce. When this is achieved, your employees will see a Tuesday afternoon as no different from Saturday evening.

3. Acknowledge that there are human limits

Our bodies are complex machines with limitations - we’re not designed to work around the clock or consistently perform at peak level all day, every day. Keeping this in mind, consider the position you may be putting your employees in. Are you respecting each individual’s strengths? Have you set the workplace conditions up as best as possible? Do they have sufficient and sustainable work and rest schedules? If not, you may be setting up your shift workers for failure.

4. Prioritise your tasks

As mentioned earlier, your to-do list will never end, and it’s a myth to think that you have “competing priorities.” The truth is, you can only dedicate your time and effort to one priority at any given time. To prioritise your tasks well so you’re not biting into your rest and relaxation time, look to your core company values. That way, you’ll have clarity over what task needs to be done today and what can be pushed back tomorrow.

5. Make your health your prime concern

Your health is your biggest wealth, so make sure you protect it first thing above all else. After all, if you’re unwell, you won’t be able to run your business to the best of your ability. When you’re well-rested, you have a more clear mind and can make the right choices. Some ways that you can make health your prime concern is to exercise, meditate or even eat a healthy breakfast. There are no shortcuts to being healthy, so you need to put in the yards before it’s too late. You also can’t delegate this responsibility to anyone but yourself. 

Own a small business franchise today

Would you like the opportunity to be your own boss? Become a 1800 HOSE VAN franchisee. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading on-site hydraulic hose mobile repair providers since partnering with the Gates Corporation. With more than 70 years of experience under our belts, you’ll be joining a leading industrial service organisation that promotes security and stability for your business as well as your employees.

If you’re looking for franchise opportunities, contact 1800 HOSE VAN on 1800 467 382 today to see why some of the biggest names in the Australian industry trust us for their mobile services and hose fittings. By partnering with us, we’ll ensure you have all the support you need to independently run your own business.

1800 HOSE VAN'S Most Commonly Used Gates Products

1800 HOSE VAN'S Most Commonly Used Gates Products

Gates Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of application-specific fluid and power transmission solutions for over 100 years. This is precisely why we work with their products for all of our repair jobs, no matter how big or small the issue. At 1800 HOSE VAN, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means we need products that we can rely on to get the job done right, the first time. Pushing boundaries with the materials they use to engineer their hydraulic fittings, Gates is a top quality assured brand you can trust.

We are proud to partner with Gates Hydraulics Australia

At 1800 HOSE VAN, we believe that a company is only as good as the products it uses when it comes to servicing client’s machinery. That’s why we have chosen Gates to be our product partner. The following are our most used Gates products and are available to your business when you choose 1800 HOSE VAN for your next emergency repair.


Gates eCrimp

When you’re working with hydraulic systems, it's of the highest importance that you have the best quality servicing and products on your side. Improper and poorly installed crimped fittings can cause more damage to your vital equipment, in turn causing disruptions to production. Gates eCrimp hose fittings cater for your business’ needs and the handy eCrimp app lets your distributors and users find the most recent crimp specifications for all Gates matched hose product combinations you might be using. 

MegaSys Constant Pressure Hoses

Hydraulic hose fittings are engineered to withstand extreme pressure and a whole host of other occurrences that test their strength during use. Available with abrasion-resistant XtraTuff™ or MegaTuff® covers, these products deliver the ultimate performance and flexibility. MegaSys hoses feature a simplified hose and fittings selection with constant pressure ratings and higher impulse cycles for longer life. By using braid and spiral constructions meeting and exceeding SAE, EN and ISO hose standards, you’ll be able to reduce your machinery running costs by as much as 64%.

MegaCrimp Hydraulic Fittings

MegaCrimp is the hydraulic hose crimp powerhouse. It will provide your business with a patented leak-proof seal technology solution that surpassed a million cycles during the product design and testing process. With features like a unique ‘C’ insert for robust, leak free assemblies, a no-skive design, patented TuffCoat™ plating for 5x better corrosion resistance, MegaCrimp fittings promise to deliver, every time.

Check out the newest Gates products 1800 HOSE VAN is working with

1800 HOSE VAN is pleased to announce that we are working with some brand new products, including the Gates MXT Hose and the Gates MXG hose. For more information on how your business could benefit from upgrading to these expert hydraulic hose products, please visit the 1800 HOSE VAN Youtube channel for a range of instructional videos.

Get in touch with 1800 HOSE VAN today

When you want your fleet of vehicles performing at their best, then you need 1800 HOSE VAN. Together with Gates Corporation, we work towards servicing our clients with the highest quality Gates hydraulic fittings, hoses, and more hardworking products. If you need more information on any of the products we carry, or the services we can provide you around the clock, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Alternatively you can subscribe to our newsletter for up to date news on new Gates products available.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose 1800 HOSE VAN

Top 5 Reasons to Choose 1800 HOSE VAN


When it comes to your machinery, it’s important that your equipment is powered with products you can rely on. This is why having a reliable service provider for hydraulic fittings and hose repairs is crucial. So why should you go with 1800 HOSE VAN? Here are five reasons why.


1. We only use top quality products


Here at 1800 HOSE VAN, we take pride in serving our customers with nothing less than the best experience. This is exactly what you get with our range of Gates products. Gates is a global, diversified industrial company that provides precision products, services, and systems for power transmission and fluid transfer applications. With Gates, you not only get top-quality performance possible, but you also reduce the total cost of ownership through its range of solutions.

Gates hoses and hydraulic fittings offer everything you need, keeping your machinery and equipment running smoothly and efficiently. These parts radically improve uptime and help you reduce inventory expenses along with improving safety.

Thanks to the global warranty, you know you won’t have to think twice about going with Gates hoses and hydraulic fittings.


2. Experienced technicians


Hydraulic fittings and emergency hydraulic hose repairs call for people with skill and experience to ensure all your machinery is kept in top condition. 1800 HOSE VAN offers over 70 years of experience with highly skilled technicians that can handle any level of hydraulic hose repair services.

We’re ISO 9001:2015 accredited, complemented by the high-quality standards of Gates hoses and hydraulic fittings. We’re the preferred supplier to many major OEM and end-users in some of the most demanding and critical industries across Australia. You can learn more about partnering with us via our franchising opportunities page.


3. We’re mobile 24/7 and available nationwide


Whether you need hydraulic hose repairs in Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane, we’re always mobile 24/7 and available wherever you’re located. Our national network of mobile services covers all states, including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania. You can find the complete list of locations that we operate in through our locations page.


4. We’re a trusted brand


We’ve been proudly serving Australians for over 7 decades. We’re the National Mobile Service and Repair network for Gates hydraulic products, renowned for performance, reliability and innovation. Thanks to the Gates system, fully equipped vans, our highly skilled technicians, and 70 years of customer support, you can be assured that 1800 HOSE VAN offers you a service like no other.


5. We service many industries


Be it installations or mobile services, we serve in a multitude of industries. Thanks to our offering of Gates hoses and hydraulic fittings, 1800 HOSE VAN services Energy/Exploration/Extraction, Infrastructure & Agriculture, Transportation, Automotive, and more.


Get in touch today


Reach out to us at [email protected] or via our contact page to find out why some of the biggest names in the Australian industry opt for 1800 HOSE VAN when it comes to their hydraulic hose repairs.

Becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN Franchisee: The Process

The Process of becoming a 1800 Hose Van Franchisee


Taking the first step to start a business can be an overwhelming process. From planning the initial finances through to the marketing strategy and launch, it can all be daunting. Nobody understands this better than 1800 HOSE VAN, which is why we’re proud to offer a franchise opportunity to highly skilled and motivated technicians in Australia.

If you’re looking to be a part of a leading industrial service organisation, we want you. Unsure of the steps to take to get you there? We’ve got you covered. Here, we discuss in great detail the process of becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN franchisee.


What it means


Before we dive into the process, it’s important to understand what it means to be among the select few to join 1800 HOSE VAN for your hydraulic hose franchise opportunities in Australia.

Going with 1800 HOSE VAN means that you’re part of the industry’s leading service provider for Gates hoses and hydraulic hose mobile repairs. More importantly, you’ll be operating with a renowned Australian brand with the strength of a national distribution network.

Whether you’re in the market for a reputable hydraulic hose franchise or simply looking to take your operations to the next level in the industry, becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN franchisee isn’t an opportunity to be missed.


The process


1. Reach out to us

Interested in becoming a business partner for franchise opportunities in Australia with 1800 HOSE VAN? Reach out to our team along with your contact information here.

2. Discuss further details

Once you’ve reached out to us, our team will get back to you via email and/or phone to talk further. Here, we will aim to iron out all the details and answer your queries. Afterwards, we will proceed to provide you with all the information you need to know along with the application form.

3. The Application

When you’re ready, submit a completed application form to our team. Once submitted, we will assess your eligibility as a hydraulic hose franchise partner for 1800 HOSE VAN.

4. Planning for the future

You will have the opportunity to visit our main location in Victoria (or alternatively one of our many support branches). This is where you will meet our specialists who will help you get a better understanding of what it takes to run a hydraulic hose franchise under the 1800 HOSE VAN name.

With your commitment made, our team will help you put your plan together to bring your franchise operation to life.

5. Franchise approval followed by legal disclosure

Once the plan is finalised, we will review your overall candidacy. After the approval goes through, we will reach out to you with further details on how to set up your franchise. Part of this will include legal document preparation and a Disclosure Document.

6. Launch

During the final stage, you will be briefed and trained on everything you need to familiarise yourself with as a 1800 HOSE VAN franchisee.

After you launch as one of our hydraulic hose franchise partners, our team will continue to offer you ongoing support to ensure smooth operations are always maintained.


Get in touch today


Still have questions? Talk to our specialists today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the franchise process. Subscribe to 1800 HOSE VAN for all the latest news, product updates and promotions.

What can 1800 HOSE VAN do for your business?

What Can 1800 Hose Van Do for Your Business?


With full nationwide coverage, our teams know how important it is to keep your machines running efficiently and safely. We provide emergency hydraulic hose repairs and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our fully mobile fleet of professionally trained technicians. Licensed and equipped to service the hydraulic and industrial hose requirements of your industry, our technicians are capable of replacing hoses and work to promote stabilised  better performing machinery. 

No matter the industry from mining and forestry to agriculture and transport, 1800 HOSE VAN continues to put your business in the hands of people who know how to get the job done. From emergency repairs to initial Installations of Gates products, 1800 HOSE VAN can service any of your hydraulic hose system needs. With many decades of experience in manufacture and assembly, our experts can partner with your business to install new hydraulic systems or make modifications to existing machinery. We are able to supply you with fittings, tubing assemblies and fully customised hoses.

Why Choose 1800 HOSE VAN?

Rapid response

Being mobile means we are just a phone call away. When you need mobile hydraulic hose servicing hydraulic fittings looked at, we can get one of our mobile repair vans to you as quickly as possible. With full national coverage, 1800 HOSE VAN provides 24/7 emergency and our fleet is equipped to service hydraulic and industrial hose requirements across many different industries.

Skilled professionals

Our technicians are highly skilled and have the know how to get your job done correctly the first time. When you need hydraulic hose repairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and beyond, the teams we deploy to you will be working to install and repair many different parts including:

  • MegaSys constant pressure hoses
  • MegaCrimp hydraulic fittings
  • GlobalSpiral hydraulic fittings
  • Full-Torque Nut Technology
  • Full range of hydraulic adapters
  • Quick-connect couplings and accessories
  • Hydraulic ball valves
  • Stainless steel covered PTFE hose
  • High pressure thermoplastic hose 

Quality and reliability

When we arrive to fix your problem, you can rest assured that the hydraulic products we use to repair your machinery are the best of the best. 1800 HOSE VAN is proud to partner with Gates, as their hydraulic and industrial hose and fittings are acknowledged globally as the industry’s leading products for innovation and performance. Gates provide us with the only products of their kind that come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Using their products gives our customers major advantages for the end user and industrial operator by offering the highest quality parts. 

We are here to keep your fleet moving. When you have a problem, call 1800 HOSE VAN. We will be there to assist you with any emergency hydraulic hose repair no matter what city you’re in. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear all the latest news or find out more about becoming a franchisee

If you would like to learn why some of the biggest names in Australian industry choose us, get in contact via [email protected]

The benefits of becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN franchisee

The benefits of Becoming a 1800 Hose Van Franchisee


Starting a new business from scratch can be a daunting process, we know because we have been there and done it. There is a lot to consider, finances to secure, a marketing strategy to build, not to mention all the long hours of paperwork. There are many franchise opportunities in Australia and 1800 HOSE VAN is one of them. If you specialise in fitting or repairing hydraulic hose systems or have an existing mobile service in this field, then this could be the opportunity to tap into a well established brand and supercharge your business endeavours. 

We are always on the lookout for highly skilled and motivated technicians to join 1800 HOSE VAN’s fleet of experienced franchisees. A partnership like this will gain you national backing from a respected brand which means more exposure and more revenue for you. Becoming a part of this leading industrial service organisation will promote security and stability for your business and your employees.

What’s in it for you? 

Flexibility to build your own schedule

You can take control of your own time and maximise your schedule when you become a 1800 HOSE VAN franchisee. Building your work around your life instead of your life around your work, allows you the freedom to enjoy what is really important to you when you’re off the clock. With marketing, sales and operational support available, you will have more time to focus on delivering your customers the best quality service possible.

A great reputation      

1800 HOSE VAN has a fantastic reputation for being the best in the business, so you'll be miles ahead of the pack when you join an established and recognisable company. For every job, we use Gates hydraulic hose and fittings, another brand that is trusted and well known in the industry for its performance and reliability. To be the best, you have to partner with the best and we make this a top priority for our franchisees.

A successful business model

When you take the opportunity to become a franchisee, you will have a higher success rate than pursuing a start-up business on your own. Due to the low risk nature of a franchise, negotiations when acquiring finances are a lot less complicated. Ultimately, you’re choosing to buy into a company with a business model where the processes and procedures have been tried, tested and proven to work. With 43 franchisees across the country, you can rest assured that the decision to join 1800 HOSE VAN’s fleet of emergency hydraulic hose repairers will be the right choice.

Expert knowledge on your side

When you become an emergency mobile hydraulic hose repair van franchisee, we will provide you with all the expert knowledge we have. With fourteen service centres and warehouses available nationwide to offer support and assistance, our franchisees are set up to succeed. 

You’ll get valuable training and ongoing support from our well established team of professionals. We are here to guide you through the process and will have you on your way to building a loyal customer base in no time.

Stop dreaming about running your own business and start doing it. Becoming our newest franchisee could be just what you’re looking for. Get in contact with our team or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information from 1800 HOSE VAN.

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair vs Service Centres – What’s Right for Me?

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair vs. Service Centres


When mission-critical equipment fails, you need the fastest, most effective repair possible. Fortunately, Australian businesses working in the heavy industry and construction sectors have a range of options when it comes to seeking servicing for hydraulic lines and equipment. 

But with so many options to choose from, which one is right for your operations? 1800 HOSE VAN is here to help. We’ll break down the differences between the two dominant forms of hydraulic maintenance providers – in-person service centres and mobile hydraulic hose repair. Read on and make the more informed choice for your business. 


No one wants to lug failed equipment across town to a service centre. When you suffer a fault to essential equipment, you’re already looking down the barrel of several hours of work stoppages – the need to transport  that to a distant service centre means that you could lose even more time. Mobile hose servicing solves the issue, allowing you to get on the phone the second a fault is detected and know that help is on the way immediately. 


Construction isn’t a cushy 9 to 5. Roadworks, civil engineering and large-scale infrastructure projects frequently work through the night and into weekends – exactly the time when a lot of service centres are shut. By comparison, many mobile hose repair businesses – including 1800 HOSE VAN – offer 24/7 breakdown service. So if your team is burning the midnight oil on a project, know that we can be there any time to ensure that you’re fully operational. Best of all, for job sites located far from your base of operations, you and your team enjoy the confidence of knowing that there’s always a hydraulic hose repair shop near you.  


Surely when it comes to the number of options, service centres have mobile maintenance vans beat? Not necessarily! We can’t speak for the industry on the whole, but 1800 HOSE VAN is proud to offer our customers access to the entire Gates range of matched hose and fitting systems. Through our close partnership with Gates, we’re able to deliver innovative, effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing them with the equipment they need to get the job done. Backed by a Global Lifetime Warranty and delivered by a team of highly skilled technicians, we ensure that there’s an answer for every question and a product to meet every need.  

The smarter choice for Australian industry 

In-person service centres have their place, but when essential equipment fails and your ability to hit a deadline is threatened, mobile hydraulic hose servicing is the only choice. 

1800 HOSE VAN is proud to be one of Australia’s leading one site hydraulic hose repair providers. With more than 70 years of experience providing hydraulic maintenance for businesses across the country operating in a range of industries. From mining to agriculture, forestry, transport and marine, we have the expertise needed to meet your specific hydraulic servicing needs. Industry-leading hydraulic installation capabilities allow us to equip your business with customised hose, fittings and tubing assemblies, for a better result for you and your clients. 

Start a conversation with a 1800 HOSE VAN team member to find out how we can enable your success. Make an enquiry via our contact form and one of our technicians will be in touch.

Industries that 1800 HOSE VAN Can Service

Industries That 1800 HOSE VAN Can Service


1800 HOSE VAN has solidified its position in the industry since its inception and partnership with the Gates Company in Denver, Colorado. We’ve since become vanguards in the agricultural, transport, automotive and energy sectors for our innovative technology, which has culminated into the creation of the hose van. This concept has become an integral staple across industries the world over.

If you’re curious about owning a franchise with us, here’s all the information you need to know.

What are hydraulic hoses?

Hydraulic hoses are designed to provide hydraulic fluid under very high pressures to hydraulic powered equipment and machinery in order for them to function effectively and safely. Hoses of this type are designed with customisable valves, actuators and tools that will ensure seamless operation of equipment from a variety of industries. Hoses like the ones supplied by 1800 HOSE VAN can help maintain reliable and continued operation with less downtime for equipment that needs to function over long periods of time in a variety of locations, whether they be local or rural.

What can hydraulic hoses be used for?

With this in mind, there are a variety of industries that require hydraulic hoses in order to enhance their operations. Some include but are not limited to the following:

Construction Industry and Demolition

Hydraulic hoses are commonly used to power many types of machinery used in both the construction industry and in demolition. Cranes require hydraulic support and service, which can be greatly benefitted by the services of a hose van, especially on large scale commercial projects that operate well into the night.

Such support will also be invaluable to the powering of demolition equipment such as crimping machines and diggers. The installation of hydraulic hoses for such equipment should always be undertaken by a professional and can prove to be an excellent option for time-sensitive projects.

Engineering & Mining

Mining engineering (and many other engineering industries) often require the use of large scale machinery in order to extract and process mineral resources for use. Such equipment includes drills, pumps, transportation equipment, and more.


Furthermore, due to the nature of the mining industry, rigs will often be set up in isolated locations that are far from townships. This is where mobile hydraulic hose vans can prove to be an excellent option for companies operating in remote areas that need the extra support.


The farming industry also has a need for hydraulic equipment, which includes machinery such as tractors, combines, irrigation systems, and tillage equipment. Once again, due to the remote nature of farms, hydraulic hoses can be advantageous during large scale processes that are time sensitive in order to harvest annual yields as expediently and efficiently as possible.

Additional lesser-known industries

Other additional industries that benefit from the use of hydraulics include shipping, aviation and even entertainment (in regard to theme parks and innovative filming technology). In short, any industry that uses hydraulic-supported equipment and needs servicing from our hose van technology would greatly benefit.

In order to accommodate the wide range of industries, ensuring that each machine is partnered with the proper matched hose and fittings is crucial. 1800 HOSE VAN ensures just that, through customised solutions to suit your unique needs. 

Become a franchisee today

Interested in providing hydraulic hose support to your industry? Get in touch with 1800 HOSE VAN and enquire about our franchise opportunities. By partnering with our reputable firm, 1800 HOSE VAN’s mobile service opportunities will ensure you have all the support you need to provide the best in hydraulic support to businesses in need as well as provide you with the independence of running your own company.

For more details, get in touch with the team at 1800 467 382 and contact us today.

Everything you need to know about Gates Corporation

Everything You Need to Know about Gates Corporation


When it comes to hydraulic application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions, Gates Corporation are the leading manufacturers. With a mission to be the best in their industry and to provide companies like 1800 HOSE VAN with the best products possible, Gates is a brand that you can trust. By continually pushing scientific boundaries and making advancements in hydraulics, this corporation’s heritage is rich in innovation. 

Established in 1911 by Charles C. Gates, the company was originally built as a tire and rubber supplier. A few years later Gates invented the V-belt, revolutionising power transmission. Fast forward to the present day and the heavy focus on continuing to be world leaders in this industry is stronger than ever.

With approximately 15,000 employees worldwide and global headquarters located in Colorado, Singapore, Shanghai and Luxembourg, Gates services 30 different countries and has a reach that is impressive to say the least. 

Why we partner with Gates

At 1800 HOSE VAN, we have the utmost respect for the Gates Corporation values of dedication, accountability, collaboration, tenacity and curiosity and share their commitment to continued excellence. To partner with a company that has a brilliant global reputation and who share similar goals and values is very important to us at 1800 HOSE VAN. Gates hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings are renowned for being the industry’s leading products for performance and efficiency.


Gates provides 1800 HOSE VAN with the only products of their kind that come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Using Gates hoses gives our customers huge advantages for the end users and industrial operators by equipping them with reliable products.

Products you can trust

With a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on all Gates products, it's easy to understand why they are the chosen partner for us at 1800 HOSE VAN. Enabling less problems, less downtime and less costs for us, our franchisees and our customers, Gates Corporation have a proven track record of servicing many industries including:



At 1800 HOSE VAN we choose Gates for their top quality products and commonality for dedication to delivering unwavering service to our customers. When you make the call to one of our mobile hydraulic hose service teams, you can rest assured your repairs will be facilitated by the following products:

  • MegaSys constant pressure hoses
  • Gates MegaCrimp hydraulic fittings
  • Gates matched hose assemblies
  • Gates hose presses / crimpers
  • GlobalSpiral hydraulic fittings
  • Full-Torque Nut Technology
  • Full range of hydraulic adapters
  • Quick-connect couplings and accessories
  • Hydraulic ball valves
  • Stainless steel covered PTFE hose
  • High pressure thermoplastic hose 

For all the latest information on Gates products please subscribe to our newsletter. Alternatively, if you have any further queries about our services and products or you need information on how to become a franchisee, get in contact with the team at 1800 HOSE VAN today.

    5 important tips for new 1800 HOSE VAN franchise owners

    5 Important Tips for New Franchise Owners


    There’s no doubt that running your own small business can have its challenges, and when you choose to run a small business franchise like 1800 HOSE VAN, a lot of that initial start up risk is negated. Having a sound strategy for your general day to day business operations will assist you with your hydraulic hose mobile repair business and ensure that things keep running smoothly. We want to see you succeed, so we have put together our top five things that can help when you accept one of these exciting franchise opportunities in Australia

    1. Know your market

    A franchise is a fantastic way for you to make your foray into owning a business without many years of experience behind you, but it is integral to know the market that you are entering. Undertaking research on your competitors and your customers is something that can set you apart from other emergency hydraulic hose repair businesses that are already out there. Being aware of the landscape and understanding what small point of difference you can bring is essential to being successful.

    1. Ask questions

    One of the drawcards of becoming a franchise owner is that you not only receive inside knowledge from the company on how to set up your business, but you have access to ongoing support when you need it. Expert knowledge is on hand at all times and 1800 HOSE VAN is there to educate you as a new business owner. Even if you have a background in the industry or have owned a business previously, valuable training is offered to give you that extra boost. 

    1. Embrace adaptability

    Sure, running your own business does ultimately give you more flexibility to work when you want to, but when you are your own boss you will need to learn how to wear most of the hats in the beginning. When you take on an emergency mobile service franchise like 1800 HOSE VAN, this new way of working means you can take control and really maximise your time. Depending on who you have working with you, you may find that learning a bit more about business will be beneficial. Many different small business courses are available online at a low cost and can really help give you a leg up when it comes to the ins and outs of running a prosperous franchised business. 

    1. Processes are key

    When you take an organised approach from the outset, your hydraulic hose franchise business will start on the right path to be as successful as possible. As a small business owner it often means that you need to be across everything facet of the operation. The list of proficiencies that you will need to be on top of can include: marketing, logistics, administration, finance and operations. To grow and solidify your business and customer base, you may want to look into programs that can help with technology and automation so that you are able to use your time more efficiently as you become busier. 

    1. Know your product

    High quality emergency support businesses like 1800 HOSE VAN require customers trust and loyalty to keep them going. That’s why as a hydraulic hose mobile repair business owner and operator should be very well acquainted with the products and services provided. 1800 HOSE VAN has partnered with Gates for decades and provides their franchisees with their top quality products to get the job done right. 

    We are here to guide you through the new franchise process and have you on your way to building a loyal customer base as soon as possible. Get in contact with our team or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information from 1800 HOSE VAN.

      Gates MXT Hydraulic Hose - Premium Hoses | 1800 Hose Van

      Gates MXT Hose

      Gates MXT line, designed using applied materials science and process expertise, delivers lightweight, flexible hydraulic hoses that exceed industry standards

      MXT Hydraulic Hose


      Gates Corporation, a leading global provider of fluid power solutions, introduces the next generation of premium hydraulics hoses with the new Gates MXT. This innovative, patent-pending product line is a lighter weight and more flexible solution that meets or exceeds a wide range of industry standards and addresses both the replacement market and original equipment manufacturer needs. It is designed for applications across industries such as agriculture, mining, construction and other demanding performance end-markets applications.

      “We have been focused on enhancing our product development and manufacturing capabilities, and MXT is a great example of how these investments are starting to pay off,” said Ivo Jurek, CEO of Gates Industrial. “This innovative new product further demonstrates our ongoing dedication to push the boundaries of applied materials science and manufacturing processes to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”­­­­­­

      “Our customers have been telling us they want lighter, more flexible and easier-to-handle products that address multiple industry standards. They are seeking to enhance the performance of their machines, simplify their engineering processes, improve operational efficiencies and streamline inventory with a simplified selection of replacement products that can be used on virtually any original equipment platform,” said Tom Pitstick, CMO and SVP of Product Line Management for Gates Industrial. “MXT delivers on these needs and adds value to our customers beyond just premium product performance.”


      Gates MXT Features

      • More flexible with an average of 40 percent decreased force-to-bend (compared to similar Gates products), allowing for faster and more ergonomic installation
      • Up to 30 percent lighter weight for improved fuel efficiency, easier handling and reduced shipping costs
      • Meets or exceeds multiple industry standards, covering approximately 90 percent of the hydraulic wire braid product applications
      • Tested to exceed 600,000 impulse cycles - three times greater than industry standards
      • Designed to work exclusively with Gates MegaCrimp couplings


        For your next hydraulic hose service or installation using Gates hydraulic hoses, call 1800 HOSE VAN on 1800 467 382, or visit for more details.

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        "A Wealth of experience out West"
        "Going Strong in Tassie for Over 25 Years"

        A Wealth of experience out West

        A wealth of experience out West

        Business owners in the greater Perth area in need of assistance with hydraulic hose repairs and related services, will be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable operator than 1800 HOSE VAN’s John MacAngus.

        As well as being a qualified mechanic, John spent 15 years working on oil and gas rigs where he specialised in high pressure hoses and water jetting along with decommissioning of drilling machinery.

        After growing weary of the extended time away from home that this career entailed, John began looking for opportunities where he could put his impressive skill sets to work, while becoming his own boss.

        “Working in the oil and gas industry I could be away from home anywhere from three to six months of the year – I was looking for a change and also liked the idea of having more control and flexibility in my working life,” he said.

        First John set-up a mechanical workshop where he began building-up a client base servicing and repairing ride-on mowers, tractors and other agricultural equipment, and in June 2016 he added to his range of services by becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN licensed business operator.

        1800 HOSE VAN Oil & Gas

        “Given my background and the sorts of customers I was dealing with on the mechanical side of the business, it made perfect sense to become involved with 1800 HOSE VAN,” John said.

        “It was a straight forward process to become part of the 1800 HOSE VAN team, and aside from purchasing the van itself, there weren’t many other expenses in starting up especially for myself who had a lot of tools already.”

        Running his workshop from Bedfordale about 30 minutes’ drive south of Perth, John is servicing a growing array of clients within a two hour radius of this home base.

        “I’m building up my customers and working with clients in agriculture, construction and the mining industries,” John said.

        “A lot of the work is coming through word-of-mouth referrals as well as getting some enquiries via the 1800 HOSE VAN website.”

        Along with customers reaping the benefits of his industry knowledge and many years’ experience working with hydraulics, they also receive extremely high levels of service from John.

        “I pride myself of delivering exceptional service,” he said.

        “I’ve heard stories that some other providers expect the damaged or faulty hose to be removed by the time they arrive. They essentially turn-up, make the new hose and leave it with the customer to do the installation themselves.

        “I do all of the work, I can diagnose, remove the culprit part, make a new one and refit – I’ll even replace seals and cylinders if need be, it’s all part of the service.”

        Having now worked as a 1800 HOSE VAN licensed operator for over 12 months, John said he’s enjoying the role and would recommend it to others looking for a change.

        “I’m enjoying the flexibility the job provides and dealing with a wide cross section of customers,” he said.

        “I also absolutely enjoy being my own boss and if you work hard there are rewards to be had."

        For your next hydraulic hose service or installation using Gates hydraulic hoses, call 1800 HOSE VAN on 1800 467 382, or visit for more details.

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        "A Wealth of experience out West"
        "Going Strong in Tassie for Over 25 Years"

        Going Strong in Tassie for Over 25 Years

        Hydraulic Hose Strong in Tasmania

        Strong in Tassie for over 25 years

        Hobart-based 1800 HOSE VAN operator, Adrian Perry, is well known in Southern Tasmania, having successfully operated his own mobile hydraulic hose service and repair business for over 25 years.

        Fifteen months ago though, Adrian was dealt a blow when his business partner passed away suddenly, leaving him to wind-up the business and look for other opportunities.

        Having a good existing relationship with 1800 HOSE VAN’s parent company, HS Company, through use of its products in his previous business, the opportunity to join the HOSE VAN team was quickly taken, allowing Adrian to continue doing a job he loved.

        “The transition from running my own business to becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN operator was very straight forward,” Adrian said.

        “I was able to bring my customers across pretty seamlessly simply by setting up new accounts for them with 1800 HOSE VAN, and because I already had my van set-up I was back servicing these customers really quickly.

        “There was minimal disruption to them and no loss of business at my end.” 

        Adrian currently operates a single call-out van but also provides work to a second 1800 HOSE VAN operator in the area. To keep up with strong demand, a third operator will join the Southern Tassie team early in 2018.

        “There’s a lot of work in our region and I can’t bear to knock it back so we’re building up the team here – once our third van is up and running we’ll be in a great position to even better service our fast-growing customer base,” he said.

        According to Adrian, aside from his long-standing industry relationships, another main factor in the strong workflow he is enjoying, comes courtesy of the wide array of different industries that exist in the state.

        “In Tasmania there’s a lot of variety in the type of work we do – it keeps things very interesting and fresh,” he said.

        “We do work in logging, agricultural, construction and in the fishing industries, as well as OEM work for manufacturers including Komatsu and Kubota.

        “On one job you could be dealing with a farmer whose tractor has broken down and on the next you could be chatting with the CEO of Kubota, if you like dealing with people and having customer interaction it’s fantastic.”

        For people considering becoming a 1800 HOSE VAN licensed business operator, Adrian said the opportunities were very good and would recommend the company to anyone wanting to start a new career.

        “1800 HOSE VAN is a really good business to be involved with,” Adrian said.


        “You can make a great income by joining 1800 HOSE VAN and it’s not a huge investment to get started – once up and running you can make a really good living.

        “Financial aspects aside, I just love dealing with the broad range of people that I meet and do work for, and of course I really enjoy helping them out and getting their equipment back to work.”

        For your next hydraulic hose service or installation using Gates hydraulic hoses, call 1800 HOSE VAN on 1800 467 382, or visit for more details.

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        "New Product – Gates MXT Hose"
        "A Wealth of experience out West"
        "Going Strong in Tassie for Over 25 Years"

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