Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair vs Service Centres – What’s Right for Me?

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Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair vs. Service Centres


When mission-critical equipment fails, you need the fastest, most effective repair possible. Fortunately, Australian businesses working in the heavy industry and construction sectors have a range of options when it comes to seeking servicing for hydraulic lines and equipment. 

But with so many options to choose from, which one is right for your operations? 1800 HOSE VAN is here to help. We’ll break down the differences between the two dominant forms of hydraulic maintenance providers – in-person service centres and mobile hydraulic hose repair. Read on and make the more informed choice for your business. 


No one wants to lug failed equipment across town to a service centre. When you suffer a fault to essential equipment, you’re already looking down the barrel of several hours of work stoppages – the need to transport  that to a distant service centre means that you could lose even more time. Mobile hose servicing solves the issue, allowing you to get on the phone the second a fault is detected and know that help is on the way immediately. 


Construction isn’t a cushy 9 to 5. Roadworks, civil engineering and large-scale infrastructure projects frequently work through the night and into weekends – exactly the time when a lot of service centres are shut. By comparison, many mobile hose repair businesses – including 1800 HOSE VAN – offer 24/7 breakdown service. So if your team is burning the midnight oil on a project, know that we can be there any time to ensure that you’re fully operational. Best of all, for job sites located far from your base of operations, you and your team enjoy the confidence of knowing that there’s always a hydraulic hose repair shop near you.  


Surely when it comes to the number of options, service centres have mobile maintenance vans beat? Not necessarily! We can’t speak for the industry on the whole, but 1800 HOSE VAN is proud to offer our customers access to the entire Gates range of matched hose and fitting systems. Through our close partnership with Gates, we’re able to deliver innovative, effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing them with the equipment they need to get the job done. Backed by a Global Lifetime Warranty and delivered by a team of highly skilled technicians, we ensure that there’s an answer for every question and a product to meet every need.  

The smarter choice for Australian industry 

In-person service centres have their place, but when essential equipment fails and your ability to hit a deadline is threatened, mobile hydraulic hose servicing is the only choice. 

1800 HOSE VAN is proud to be one of Australia’s leading one site hydraulic hose repair providers. With more than 70 years of experience providing hydraulic maintenance for businesses across the country operating in a range of industries. From mining to agriculture, forestry, transport and marine, we have the expertise needed to meet your specific hydraulic servicing needs. Industry-leading hydraulic installation capabilities allow us to equip your business with customised hose, fittings and tubing assemblies, for a better result for you and your clients. 

Start a conversation with a 1800 HOSE VAN team member to find out how we can enable your success. Make an enquiry via our contact form and one of our technicians will be in touch.
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